• Top Martian Anomalies

    I put this together for everyone so they can share with their friends and family the amazement of what has already been found on Mars with the links to prove it! Read More
  • The RockNest Special Report

    This 4 part video series extensively goes over the NASA photo entitled "The RockNest" released in 2013 and taken from the Curiosity Rover. WhatsUpInTheSky had received more emails about this one photograph then any other in the NASA archives. Read More
  • The Marvelous Mars

    Mars unraveled by people who love to view the beautiful Martian photos that NASA has sent back from rovers, spacecraft, and satellites. WhatsUpInTheSky is collecting as much information as possible so you can find all your Martian needs in one place. Enjoy! Read More
  • The Amazing Moon

    Ever since the Apollo space missions the world has been interested in NASA photo and film footage brought back from the missions. We have collected and created some great materials from the surface of the giant pizza pie in the sky. Enjoy the information! Read More
  • Earth Mysteries

    Not all cool things have to be in the sky! It was the Civilization Melting Out Of Antarctica that started my WhatsUpInTheSky37 account increase in traffic. Explore some of the mysterious things here in our own neck of the woods. Urantia. Read More
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