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  • Destroyed Civilization

    The Curiosity Rover beamed back another amazing image from the MAHLI camera which seems to show the destroyed ruins of a prior intelligent civilization on the surface of Mars. From the size of the debris I am estimating that the beings where smaller then the humans. Read More
  • Ramp & MoonBase

    Even after all these years NASA's Apollo era images are still intriguing and up for debate. Here is a weird one from the Apollo 10 mission for you to ponder. To me this image looks to have a ramp that leads up to a squared off wall type structure. There are also some other area to see. Read More
  • Mars Past Life Proof

    The Curiosity Rover team celebrated the third year on the "Red Planet" with a bang. The latest round of image downloads from SOL 1065 Have been absolutely amazing to view from a sideline Archeologists view. I challenge anyone to not agree that these images look similar to Earths Ruins. Read More
  • More Water On Mars!

    Water, water, water everywhere on such a baron and cold planet? Maybe what we have been taught about Mars is not the full truth. Browsing through the latest images I came across more images that look like water or a liquid seeping up from the rocks and dripping down hill! Read More
  • NASA Pluto Flyby!

    The New Horizon spacecraft from NASA has been kicking ass and taking names in the pictures department. Thanks to the hard work the goal of imaging Pluto close up has now been achieved. The spacecraft sent back these images of Pluto and its Moon.. Enjoy the Video! Read More
  • Machines & Structures..

    The MAHLI camera has been responsible for catching so many images in the locked rover arm position that have had anomalies in them. This is a must see image and video! Make sure you watch this one the whole way through! Share this one with your friends and comment below! Read More
  • Pyramid On Mars

    Most people have seen the viral video and image going around the internet and mainstream media that says "Pyramid On Mars". What they are not doing is breaking down the whole picture! After quickly looking over the image you will see so much more that I have shown! Read More
  • Martian Civilization

    The Curiosity Rover has been sending back almost no images during the solar conjunction with Earth, Mars & The Sun. Meanwhile I was browsing through what has come down in the past as well as what has come down recently. This was one I wanted to share with everyone, Read More
  • Amazing Lunar Base

    I have been wanting to come back to Maurice's original find and see if I could find that spot imaged anywhere else by NASA. Not only did I find it in a much higher quality format. It had some amazing features! This has been making its way around the Internet for a good reason.. It is AMAZING! Read More
  • Mars in True Color

    "If you have spent any sort of time looking at images released by NASA you soon come to realize that Mars gets a dust filter, the Moon gets turned white, and the space station camera suddenly malfunctions everytime a UFO flies by." - Brian Hopjins.. Check out his vids! Read More
  • Amazing Blocks On Mars!

    This is some of the favorite images from the researcher Rory over at Raw Spirit. He does a nice job and finding some of the gems in the older images and even the newer ones from Curiosity Rover! Keep up the good work and check this one out for yourself! Just click Read More! Read More
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YouTube User:  WhatsUpInTheSky37

Description:  If this is not the most in your face Mars ruins we have seen come down from the Curiosity Rover in a year.   They are celebrating 3 years with a bang.  Kudos.  This image I beg of you to download and check it out for yourself.  

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