• Perfect Square Box?

    WhatsUpInTheSky37 states "I was browsing through Midnight Planets app on my iPad when driving the Opportunity Rover through the latest SOL's this caught my eye. The fact that it is much darker then the other images from these days also caught my attention. The square box looks amazing!" Read More
  • NASA Boss - Life On Mars?

    Has the NASA boss announced life on Mars in this ITV news interview? Major General Charles Bolden -"The most likely planet in our solar system that had life at one time, (wink) may have life now.....and we feel definitely can sustain life .. .. so that's the reason we chose it". Click here to view. Read More
  • Mars in True Color

    " If you have spent any sort of time looking at images released by NASA you soon come to realize that Mars gets a dust filter, the Moon gets turned white, and the space station camera suddenly malfunctions everytime a UFO flies by." - Brian Hopjins.. Check out his awesome video by clicking here. Read More
  • Masters of Mars

    "Resourceful and patient, the "Masters of Mars" include men and women from all over the globe, cleverly end-running NASA's falsification of evidence and revealing an ever-growing body of evidence for intelligent life, past and present, on Mars. This video is dedicated to their ongoing efforts." - David Gannet Read More
  • Paradimensional Space Images

    This book is an art book, he has not created the imagery but rather finds it and highlights it as a unique art form. He discovered the subject matter this art is based on, visualizes it, and then colorizes it to share with others. At first, he shares this with his Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) - Download Bret's book via link Read More
  • Congrats To The ISRO!

    Congratulations are in store for India and the amazing folks at ISRO who have hit a home run on the first pitch by landing the MOM spacecraft successfully into its correct orbit! This was done on the first try for only 97 million dollars. Look out space here comes India! We couldn't be happier! Read More
  • Top Martian Anomalies

    I put this together for everyone so they can share with their friends and family the amazement of what has already been found on Mars with the links to prove it! Read More
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